Safety Management System Manual

Rule 29D of the Aircraft Rules, 1937 requires the service providers to implement a SMS, which is acceptable to the State. CAR Section 1 Series C Part I prescribes the detailed requirements for establishing SMS and its phased-wise implementation.  CAR Section 1 Series C Part I prescribes the guidance on contents of the SMS Manual.  SSP Circular No. 02 of 2018 provides the detailed guidance for preparation of SMSM .

 Chapter 1: Document control                                                                                     Chapter 2: SMS regulatory requirements                                                                Chapter 3: Scope and integration of the safety management system   Chapter 4: Safety policy                                                                                                             Chapter 5: Safety objectives                                                                                      Chapter 6: Role, Safety accountability and responsibility of Personal                  Chapter 7: Safety reporting and remedial actions                                         Chapter 8: Hazard identification and risk assessment                                    Chapter 9: Safety performance monitoring and measurement                       Chapter 10: Safety-related investigations and remedial actions                Chapter 11: Safety training and communication                                                    Chapter 12: Continuous improvement and SMS audit                                  Chapter 13: SMS records management                                                                          Chapter 14: Management of change                                                                             Chapter 15: Emergency/contingency response plan

Guide to Prepare SMSM



SMS Framework

         Component 1.0 Safety Policy and Objectives
Element 1.1 Safety Policy
Element 1.2 Management Commitment and Safety Accountabilities
Element 1.3 Key Safety Personnel
Element 1.4 Emergency Preparedness and Response
Element 1.5 SMS Documentation and Records
         Component 2.0 Safety Risk Management (SRM)
Element 2.1 Hazard Identification and Analysis
Process 2.1.1 System Description and Task Analysis
Process 2.1.2 Identify Hazards
Element 2.2 Risk Assessment and Control
Process 2.2.1 Analyze Safety Risk
Process 2.2.2 Assess Safety Risk
Process 2.2.3 Control/Mitigate Safety Risk
          Component 3.0 Safety Assurance
Element 3.1 Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement
Process 3.1.1 Continuous Monitoring
Process 3.1.2 Internal Audits by Operational Departments
Process 3.1.3 Internal Evaluation
Process 3.1.4 External Auditing of the SMS
Process 3.1.5 Investigation
Process 3.1.6 Employee Reporting and Feedback System
Process 3.1.7 Analysis of Data
Process 3.1.8 System Assessment
Element 3.2 Management of Change
Element 3.3 Continuousw Improvement
Process 3.3.1 Preventive/Corrective Action
Process 3.3.2 Management Review
          Component 4.0 Safety Promotion
Element 4.1 Competencies and Training
Process 4.1.1 Personnel Expectations (Competence)
Process 4.1.2 Training.
Element 4.2 Communication and Awareness