Import/Acquisition of Aircraft

It is mandatory to have #GAGAN enabled to all #aircraft being registered in India from 1st January 2019 trough a circular ( Air Transport Circular No. 2.2017 dated 23.08.2017 – subject: procedure for obtaining permission  for import/acquisition of aircraft – which replaced ATC No.1/2016 on the same subject.

DGCA will issues permission to individuals/Company etc. for import of #microlight aircraft, powered hang #gliders and hot air #balloon for private use, hobby flying, joy rides etc.
The permission for import of aircraft, except in case of aircraft for private use, shall be issued in two stages, namely “In-principle approval” and “NOC for Import”. Directorate of Air Transport (DAT) shall issue in-principle approval for all categories of aircraft in consultation with other relevant Directorates.
In case of import of aircraft for private use, Import Licence from DGFT shall be required. After grant of In-principle approval, a letter recommending issuance of Import Licence by DGFT shall be issued by DGCA. All aircraft other than private category aircraft shall be imported without the need to obtain an Import License from DGFT.

GAGAN is the acronym for GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation. This is a Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) implemented jointly with Airport Authority of India (AAI). The main objectives of GAGAN are to provide Satellite-based Navigation services with accuracy and integrity required for civil aviation applications and to provide better Air Traffic Management over Indian Airspace. The system will be interoperable with other international SBAS systems and provide seamless navigation across regional boundaries. The GAGAN Signal-In-Space (SIS) is available through GSAT-8 and GSAT-10.

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